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How Did Allison Inspire You?


I remember a story that Allison's sister, Angela, told me. Angela and a friend of hers were talking. Angela's friend said that he was being teased by a group of eighth-graders. Allison saw the harassment and assured him, "Don't worry about them, I've got your back." Allison worked tirelessly for the rights of people who weren't able to see a way.

Ann Brown (Allison’s mother)

Allison was love. I am so incredibly lucky to have basked in her smile and warmth. Allison’s brilliance and creativity were her hallmarks, but so too, her insistent focus on the people around her—always—even as she struggled with her illness and fought for her life.  

Martha Anne Toll (Friend)

Allison moved in the world differently. And she was and forever will be legendary. I feel honored that I had the opportunity to work with her and learn from her. She was the type of leader who understood that being kind was not a weakness but a superpower. She brought light into every space that she entered.

Thena Robinson Mock (Colleague)

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